Saturday, March 9

One month into my birthday and I’m still not a published author. Never mind – still loads of time! I can relax a bit. In fact, I won’t be sending out any manuscripts for a while. I’ll take a break. Leave things and then go back to it. I read somewhere it’s best to read your manuscript with fresh eyes. I totally agree coz at the moment I’m totally sick of my bloody novel. I hate it. It’s crap, total crap! All 70,000 words of it. I need a break, holiday, need to jump start my enthusiasm. Then I can get back to my masterpiece…

Something weird happened today. I went for a job interview with the NHS and actually got it (so one of the interviewers said to me in the lift on the way out; her exact words; Honey, it’s yours!”). Although, I will now be earning double what I am now earning, it is a bittersweet victory. You see I will now be working full time – less time for writing. But hey, I have bills pay (not to mention, thousands in student debt). I guess this is what is meant by being a grown – up.

I am beginning to see things more positively – people write books with a thousand kids in tow. If you’re really are passionate about something then you find a way. You just have to.