Friday, September 28

Ohmigosh, Ohmigiosh, shock, shock, happy!


Thursday, September 27

Still no title...

Thanks for the comment Missmeliss!

Tuesday, September 25

Okay, things change...

I have finally finished the edits on the book! HURRAAAHHHH!!!!

I hope I can now get on with the new one.

However, the publishers haven't agreed on a new title for the old book yet, so back to the 'drawing board'...

Friday, September 21

OHMIGOSH! This morning...

  • ... I found a GREY HAIR on my head!

    I am distraught!!!

    What does this mean?

    Before I could absorb what it all meant, I violently plucked out the offending hair (which i am now told wasn't the best move as 'now four will grow in it's place') and reeled in shock in front of the telly. A programme all full of 'young things' unable to grasp the reality that some day THEY WILL BE OLD TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, deep breath. Deep breath.

    So what does this now mean? Erm...;
    I am advancing in years, quicker than first imagined.

    I will have to start wearing shapeless flowery smocks and sensible shoes.

    I am soon to, really, in the true sense of the word, become an 'old girl'.

    I need to go now....

Thursday, September 20

Just to say....

I think we have a title....

Am still editing...

Wednesday, September 12


Had to sit down and take stock.
I'm off to Notting Hill tomorrow to have dinner with a Vintage style guru! IN NOTTING HILL! How delishously cliche and wonderful!
Now, please forgive my blatant consumerism/capitalist/Bo Ho type ramblings, but; whey hey!
Okay, I'll stop now.

I guess i was just thinking, 'this is so strange'. This kinda stuff going on in me day to day life...
By day, an NHS Stop Smoking Counsellor, by night...
Okay I'll stop now.

Back to the book stuff (although it is very book related because I would never have been introduced to this lady if it wasn't for my writing - long story. But we really got on, via email so thought it would be a good idea to meet up.
So, my big concern is WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?
Did I mention she is a style guru? (I will ask her if its okay to put her on this site and Will do so if, yes).

Anyway, you know what? I'm just going to be ME. Jeans, batwingged top and sandals - not a 'scarf around neck' in sight...

The chosen restaurant looks awfully posh and I'm not sure I like the sound of Rabbits Kidneys... but let's hope they do cheesecake....

Tuesday, September 4

New Title's and Procrastination

Ohmigosh, please Mike, feel free to live vicariously. I've done it many times myself... Thanks for the good wishes.

Was in a pouty mood today at work AND I CANT TALK ABOUT IT ON BLOG! Needless to say, I will not let it pee on my fireworks. Aint gonna happen. It's just a shame that some people want to bring up the fact that... NO I CANT TALK ABOUT THIS.

Anyway, back to the non-existent editing. You see my ma is still with me (which is wonderful) so I'll wait until she leaves for my brothers. Then I bet I'll think of another excuse right? I should really get things going now, editing, and starting the new book, because I'm told, things will get real busy close to publication date... Talking of which and I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but the title to my book has to be changed and so I can now let you know what the ORIGINAL title was called... The Manual.
Ya'll can Google that if you like...

So its a whirlwind of book titles floating around my head, bad moods at work, mega procrastination and I'm luvving it.

Saturday, September 1

Last day of Aug......

31st August 2007

What a day!
I spent most of it at the publishers, editing the book AND WE STILL AINT FINISHED YET.

Whoever, says to me, writing a book is easy better just, in the words of Phill Mitchel better just "Shut it!".
Okay, the writing process is amazing. Mega fun. It's just the constant editing... ;
IF I HAVE TO READ MY BOOK AGAIN, YOU KNOW, FOR THE THOUSANTH TIME, I'LL SCREEEAAAM! (And there are many more rounds of editing to go).

But you know what? I am NOT COMPLAINING. This is the job I have wanted like, forever. A dream come true.

It's time consuming, it's tiring, it's brain-aching BUT I LUUURRRVE IT!!!!!!!!!

(Surreal moment happened in the lift of the publishers - When my Editor introduced me to a collegue, he mentioned my book, having READ it... And I STILL cant believe people have actually read my book. Still stumps me. What a strange, sureel, beautiful and weirdesque feeling...)

So, as well as Big Brother, summer is now over, so guess what...? Time to get that new book on paper...

okay, I'll do that as soon as;

I get the new computer.

My house guests have left.

I have finally finished editing this book...

Excuses, excuses.......