Wednesday, August 20

The agent basically said the manuscript was well written, she laughed, read it in one sitting. O.K.

But it was too 'Chick Litty' I suppose (my words). Because she said it would be hard to sell such work due to the over-saturation of the stuff. So perhaps, I’ve missed the boat. Perhaps I should steer clear of anything marginally 'Chick Litty'. Perhaps I should give it up all together…? No way. I may feel like shite now, but I know me and I will bounce back.

Of course, now the manuscript is pristine, I start sending it off the agents and even one or two publishers. Within the rejections, two agents ask to see more!!!!! But on doing so, they seem to come back with the same comments, using different words; Very funny, well written, but hard to sell in current climate. I sense a pattern forming here… At least these same two agents have asked me to send them anything else I may write in the future