Tuesday, September 26

Hooooome... Soon

Just a few hours till I go to the airport and fly back home. I am ready to go home... sort of.´Aint it funny how going on a long weekend allows you to think more clearly, "I know I have to do this that and the other when I get home. Blah, blah, blah. I get all brave and determined... Or more likely, as soon as I get home, back to my familiar surroundings, my resolve will weaken...

My mum´s coming to stay so that should be fun... right? As long as we have no "why arent you married?" talks, then I´ll be fine...


Mini nightmare.
remember the Nigerian trip (missed flight)? Remember the USA trip (interrogation by Ohio statetroopers/army folk/airport worker.
Why is it so impossible tfor me to just fly without the drama ai?? I suppose it's all writing material...


I witness a 'racial incident' getting on the plane and alas, the police are waiting to interview me and others as the plane is grounded. That's okay, because I was willing to stand up and be counted especially as one of the awful exchanges, sounded like this;"If Hitler were alive, you wouldnt be here..."
Yes it was THAT bad.
The police had a word with me and I was on my merry way.

Or so I thought.

Ten minutes later standing by the carousel, waiting for The Delsey to swing on by so I could get out of there and re-equaint myself with London life, I was full of hope for doing just that.

20 minutes. Nothing.

30 minutes later. Nothing. Fellow passangers are dwindling, then it's just me and another equally bewidered looking bloke wondering around aimlessly on his mobile, scratching his head.
What the heck was going on?

40 minutes.
After locating a bored airline worker who raised anough excitement to tell me my luggae was 'probably still in Barcelona' I realised I was going back to my flat WITHOUT the tin of white asparagus, paella dish and chocolate desighner cords and instead, armed with a weakend worths of dirty washing.......!...

Saturday, September 23

Greetings from Spain!

HI All,

Greetings from Spain. Writing in Blogger and the instructions are all in Spanish! The keyboard keys are also a little confusing and there seems to be a hundred EXTRA ones.

Well enough whinging, I'm so glad to be here. I'm just relaxing at the mo, gearing my self up for a bit of partaaaaying and shopping.

I´ve also been using my phone as a dictaphone, bits for my story. Oh and I´ve been writing the names of key places down because I may use a bit of Barcelona in my new book... I´ve been here so many times, I feel I'll be able to do that confidently.

Well it´s raining today! But its okay because there is so much to do. It's a bank hol on Monday so festivals have been going on all weekened. Went to a Brazilian one last night.
Okay - off for breakfast now (yep at 1pm, but hey, I'm on hols!)
See Ya!

Tuesday, September 19

Barcelona Calls.........

Well, I'm off to Spain on Thursday for a loooong weekend.
I am looking forward to it - a quick break. Its just so strange that I've been on a writing frenzy lately. Up to 30,000 words already! Perhaps because I know when I get back, I wont get the chance to do much as I'm having me ma over to stay (she's here on hols from Africa). And we have loads of girly stuff to do...

Saturday, September 16


Hi all,

25,000 words and counting! I havent done that much this week because have had a bit to do, but I'm getting there..... Still no word from my agent (I emailed her some time ago with the first eighteen pages).
Hmmm... I've been here before, right?

Sunday, September 3

Still writing....

I figured it will take me until December to finish this book if current trends continue.

My agent still hasn't got back to me regarding the first chapter or so I sent her. Hmmm... this means either two things;

She hasnt checked her post
She thinks it stinks

I don't think she will think it stinks. And I do think she's checked her post. I suppose I'm now feeling I'm just not importnt enough to her. That stings a little. I say a little because becoming a writer means things can sting a little less - it's like I have developed some type of thick skin... all those rejections. It would be hard to survive this, methinks.

Anyway, I'm typing away on my nw novel, loads of spelling mistkes etc. i just want to get that first drapht down. The bare bones, before I go over it like fine toothcomb. if only I could get a contract on the basis of the first few chapters, then I could finish it knowing I had a book deal. How's that for inspiration? I'd proabbaly type it up within two weeks.

Does anyone know of anyw riters who have ever got a contract on the bais of a few chapters. My guess is, it will probably be literary 6000,000 word 'masterpeices' done by writers with a proven track record.

Anway, back to my life!