Friday, May 26

Hi All,
yet another week almost ended! I am currently blogging and flicking between the American Idol finale and Big Brother eviction!
Am I crazy?
No writing tonight because It's a Friday. Wll hopefully resume saturday and then its club time in the evening! I'm off to USA in just under two weeks and it is my aim to finish editing the manuscript BEFORE I go. The race begins... now... well tommorow actually!

Tuesday, May 23

I'M BACK (again)

Thank you Nikki for your kind words.

I am feeling so much better today. And guess what, i've been writing almost EVERYDAY for the past few days. Anyone will tell you it's best to write everyday, if you can. Also, I'm pretty excited about the story (leaving it for a few months and viewing with fresh eyes is soooo handy). Also... and I am ashamed to say this, Big Brother has been holding my attention. One word. Shabbaz. Sorry folks. Hey, at least I'm writing again and that feels soooooooooooooooo good.
My muse has obviously been working....

Tuesday, May 16

J K Rowling - where are yoooouuuu?

Hey all,

So I've been trying to write, write, write, but felt a bit whoosy yesterday and today. Did half day at work today as a result. Just a bit rundown. Typical - I get the buzz then i get all sick!!!! Doesnt matter - the buzz is still all there, just hybernating until I feel a bit better. I even wrote an article day before yesterday (not quite sure where to send it to though....).
I have sooo many author interviews to post onto my website. Its so nice when authors answer my questions... so sweet. I did try to get J K Rowling once ... hey, a girls gotta try...

Sunday, May 14

More authors added to my website... take a look!

Hi there,

Well my buzz is back guys! I now have a muse. I wont say who that is, but lets just say it's someone in the business.
A few words of encouragemnet can go along way.
About time too. As you all know, I have been a bit lukewarm lately (okay, miserable old cow, etc, etc). I am glad to be back and when I say back, I mean just having that feeling again. Dont get me wrong, its always there, but sometimes its at different degrees. Anyway, I have some writing to be getting on with... C Ya. And thanks for the e-mails.... you all know who you are.

Sunday, May 7


Hi all. And thanks for the Pick Me Up Priya. I was in my 'miserable cow' mode yesterday. But after attending church this morning then going for a nice run in the park - I feel sooooo much better.

I have just added a new interview with Tess Gerristen to my website
She's sold loads of books and seems really nice too. Check out other writer interviews on my website (the cartoon on the front looks nothing like me - she's wayyy better looking).

Talking of the park - whatta way to meet blokes!!!! A sunny day seems to bring out the hunks. Tight shorts, rippelling muscles. I'm supposed to be training for a charity run in July, but my constant neck jerking at the sight of yet another hunk, almost allowed me to bump into a lampost. Or two. Especially the ten fit blokes gyrating on the park floor (okay, they were pressuping- is that a real word?- but I peceived this as gyrating).

Same time next week? You bet!

Saturday, May 6

One day of sunshine is better than nothing I 'spose...

This unlovely saturday morning I thought - I need to write.
My novel.
But still, my agent hasn't got back to me since I rang her a few days before my trip to Nigeria. I still have hope that I will one day be published - i'm just not sure when. I just know that I miss writing my novel and I'm reading such a good book right now (soooo funny) called The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman. So funny.
I just want to write!
But It's like - I can't begin again until my agent tells me what's what with my latest manuscript.

I'm bored. I'm gonna go and get dressed,meeting a friend and her babies for lunch.

Tuesday, May 2

I now have a sore throat and dry cough - welcome home elle!