Saturday, December 31

My last post for 2005..... I just had to share this with you.
My new book is written in two parts - My characters as children (around 20 years ago), with the second part set now, in the present. I finished editing the 'past' section yesterday and will start editing the mess that is the 'present' in 20o6 sometime next week. How strange is that?? So apt right? The past written in the past, the present written... now!
Humour me if you think I'm barmy.
I tell you what, I am soooo excited right now; ITS NEW YEARS EVE and I'm alive, healthy and for the first time in a long time, full of hope.
Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR THE COMING YEAR AND BEYOND.***************************************************


Friday, December 30

Did a further 3 hours today. So now, 100 pages are tidied up and ready for my collegue at work to read. I start back next week so I'll print them off and give it to her then...

Thursday, December 29

I went back to the writing today and managed to do 3 hours. I got a bit tired so couldn't do the required 4. I so need a holiday!!!! Anyway, I hope to continue tommorow, providing I get some sleep tonight. Did I mention I was an insomniac?

Saturday, December 24


Hope you all have a blessed, fun and loving time... leave the writing till next week........

Tuesday, December 13

Well, I cant speak!!! I have larangitus (yeah, yeah, I know I've spelt it wrong!!). So I'm at home, off sick from work and managed to do almost 5 hours of editing of my book! Wow. I'll soon be able to let my collegue have a look at the first fifty pages for some SERIOUS corrections. As My agent stated, alot of my sentences are too short, so I have lenthened them a bit. I really need my voice back pronto....

Saturday, December 10

Hey, I did loads of writing today. The call yesterday helped to lift me. (PS -The picture on the right bares absolutly no significance whatsoever, I just liked the pic!). I told myself a few days ago that I wouldnt touch the book until AFTER chistmas. Forget that, I'm on a roll! Roll on 2005.

Friday, December 9

And i'm really shocked. She said she liked the story, everyhing. The only thing it needs is a clean up of my dodgy grammer, but apart from that, A- okay. Somthing about it being promising....!!! i told her my fears about it coming across as too 'corney' at times, but she told me to be as corney as I like (she could always take it out later!) . So good news. A departure from my usual style of writing, and it seemds to have worked... Maybe i am a versitle writer after all. Just like Ben Elton (comedy AND serious). Not that I've read any of his work, I am merely assuming.

I am very happy. I trusted in God and my ability to do this... and I am happy.

The weekend starts today and I dont have much planned. Its my Nans birthday tonight HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN! And im going to cook her fave meal. So thanks for waiting with me folks. Cant wait to get back to the book now and just write, write, write. Anyway, see ya for now!!!!
okay, I am now dialing her number.....

Thursday, December 8

Okay. So I still haven't called the agent. Basically, if she was THAT excited she would have called me. Just not ready for all that critism, just yet. Hectic-ish day at work today. Will be going home soon. Here, the christmas party season seems to start next week. All the 'what are you wearing?' crap and collegues getting drunk on cheap beer. Not me. I intend to stick to my limits and then begin downing the water.
I am looking forward to the new year though. I always seem to get this sence of renewal, so I hope to at least start writing madly again, by then.

Tuesday, December 6

Yep, you guessed it, still aint called her.... my agent, that is...

Thursday, December 1

Hi all.

Well I'm still on my happy bubble. Quite rare for me as I can be a miserable cow at times. So, I have not called my agent as agreed. I know she's going to really go for it with the constructive citisisms and I want my nice feeling to last. Yes, I have developed a thick skin - being a writer you have to - but i still get stung sometimes...
It's friday tommorow and I may or may not call. I know she will call me when she's read it anyway, so what am I stressing about?

It's so strange not writing stuff at the moment - I get to watch loads of TV for inspiration and as usual nothing happens. I also get time to think about other stuff more, like a certain bloke, the state of my kitchen, the usual stuff.
Anyway, bye, bye for now folks!