Sunday, November 25

15 thousand words in...!

Of the new novel!

I'm writing like mad.

I am consious of the fact that mid next year I may be a lil' busy (and excited) with By The Time You Read This (thats a long title, right?) to be in the mood to buckle down to writing. So am writing as much as I can now.
In the run up to christmas, I have a life to be getting on with thankfully, so even less time as the weeks go on. Then there's work (the day job) that has some really busy moments but you know what? - I AM GOING TO DO THIS.
It's what I've wanted for so long.
And hey, people with kids, a dog and a house to clean find time to write and so shall I.

Thursday, November 22

OHMIGOSH I've just had a thought...

... I don't think i've actually mentioned the title, so I think it's time I did... drum roll purlease!!!!


By The Time You Read This...


Wednesday, November 21

I re-wrote the 'author page' of the book...

... today. You know, that bit in the first part of the book , under the pic, that says 'stuff' about the writer. Okay, here goes.
'Lola is married to Shemar Moore and gave up the winning position on England's Next Top Model to write the novel, in 3 days...'

Monday, November 19

I now have a publicist... really, I do....!

...who I met today.

We discussed promotion etc and it was very interesting. I came with my very OCDfied list but needn't have bothered - she answered most of my questions before I asked 'em...

Saturday, November 17


.....which, at the moment, leads you straight back to.. err.... here.

Friday, November 16

Korea are interested in my book.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..... I mean... the book written in ANOTHER alphabet.

Saturday, November 10

Almost four thousand words in...

... of the new novel. I'm enjoying getting to know my new characters. Of course at this stage, their names may change a few times, ages, history. And if I find any of them remotely boring - they get Deleted. Someone once said that if YOU find them boring, READERS too will find them boring. Good point. Anyway, tommorow (Sunday) has to be devoted to finishing off the Copy Edits of Novel 1. Confused?
Basically, I'm kinda doing two novels at the same time!

Friday, November 9


Wednesday, November 7

Been back a few days now and... Copy Edited manuscript is back!!!!!!!!!

Just a few more tweaks needed here and there and -OH I CAN'T EVEN SAY IT - the proofs will be done.

Okay, focus.

Anyway, my weekend is thus sorted into the following;

SAT - Write somthing LEDGIBLE for the NEW book

SUN- Get on with copy edit corrections i.e; 'This should be a Capital F' and 'Is the character still on the toilet in this scene?'

Cant wait to get going with it all.....