Wednesday, August 29

Guess what?

......It is a good day.

I have an idea for book two.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay,I've had many over the last few weeks, but this one excites me. Oh my legs are turning to jelly as I type. I love this feeling. The excitemnet of when a new book idea hits you and you just know.

I have written the synopsis today and read it out to a workmate (as I did with the previous book) all very deja vu - and look how that worked out right?

I am happy, happy, happy.

Friday, August 24

Ok, wheres the summer?

Saturday, August 18

Had a meeting with my publishers

Friday 17th

Had a meeting at my publishers
Had a meeting at my publishers
Had a meeting at my publishers
Had a meeting at my publishers

Had a meeting at my publishers

No matter how many times I say it, it still feels... you know.. kind of weird. Lovely weird though. It's amazing.

Oh, okay, back to the meeting...
Well, it was with the publisher's Digital Manager. We basically discussed plans for marketing on the WWW. It all sounded so thrilling. I also got to say hello to some of the team, which is always a joy. Do I sound gushing?
Oh please let me gush away? Just this once....?

I just can't wait to get stuck in. My lovely Editor was also present.

I went away from the meeting thinking how happy I am with the way things are going.
And I'll tell you this. The last few years, as more and more wrinkles appeared along with another birthday notch, I always thought, (with that sinking feeling) that another year was coming to an end and I STILL REMAIN UNPUBLISHED.


And get this - I've started to write '08' instead of '07' on forms, etc.

How mad is that huh?

For once, I'm totally, if not temporarily, okay about ageing myself! (Ok, minus the inevitable sagging of chest et al).

Have a nice (if not rainy) weekend!