Tuesday, June 28

Still livid.
Agent says I should get on with the next one.
I cannot write a thing.
I am absolutely angry!!!! I spoke to my agent today and she told me, two publishers have rejected my manuscript!! One said, and get this, they thought it was well written, etc, etc, but they wouldn't know how to market me becuase it isn't Chick - Lit and it isnt Literary either. I am pissed off beyond belief. One cannot speak right now. I really need to be alone...

Okay, I'm back now and feeling real low. What is the point of putting your guts and time into something like an 80,000 word novel only to be told its well written etc, but it can't be PLACED IN A BOX...
What happened to being different? Living outside of the box, so to speak.
I am still livid.