Friday, February 24

Hi there!
As you know, yesterday was a good day, in terms of writing (my reply from a magazine).
But when I got home, things just got better...

Well, last nite the weirdest thing happened as I trawled through the pages of a writing magazine whilst sitting on the bog (I apologise profusely for that unladylike image...). Anyway, an article on blogging. Interesting enough and then... guess what? Just guess..?

I see the name of my website flash before me as well as a qoute from this very blog!!!! It was quite sureel. MY FIRST PUBLISHED WORK IN A MAGAZINE AND I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!! A whole paragraph containing MY WORDS.

Ironically that issue of Myslexia (great magazine, by the way) had been gathering dust in my bag for weeks, as I read about a thousand novels on the way into work instead of actually opening it.
Weird huh?
But was it?
As I was reading the article, I did wonder whether the author had come accross this blog , so when I saw it... I didnt act as mad as I could have (although granted, I was technically still on the bog).
Anyway, the now dog eared copy of the magazine, complete with Nandos hot sauce smeared across it, contains my first published work! Hey ho!!!!
As you can probably tell, knowing a few more people may be reading this blog has not pushed me into watching my grammer and spelling mistakes.
Na way!!!
Ciao peoples.

Thursday, February 23

Hi all,
well today has been a good day. This morning I see that the magazine I sent a proposal to this week has just replied via e-mail, saying they'd like to see the article. So (gulp) a quick re- edit four times and i have not long e-mailed it off. They were so quick to reply, too!
I suppose that's because it is a weekly magazine as opposed to a monthly (who seem to take longer in replying because of this, I suppose.) Anyway, I was on the phone when I first glimpsed this reply, so couldn't give it the scream it deserved. I have sent a few proposals off before and have never been asked to send anything in. Will keep you posted.....
Oh and talking of published work, my works Intranet site have just published an article on the staff section about a medical matter relating to my work. Hey its something!

Thursday, February 16

Its been so long, I know. Had another birthday last week! Phew!
Had a crap Valentines Day . Still havent heard from my agent (she now has the manuscript) and I'm generally feeling like shite today. I WILL SNAP OUT OF IT THOUGH. Most definately.