Tuesday, March 28

Sent a couple of proposals out (no, not those ones!)

Proposals for two articles I have already written Oh all right then, I'll give you a clue - they are about RELATIONSHIPS. Not that I'm an authority on them... certain bloke has gone on holiday WITHOUT me and I am missing him like a tub of Melting Haagan Dazs drizzling with toffee sauce, draped over a Belgium waffle.. mmmm.. But I digress. Admittedly, I am NO authority on men, but my articles mainly focus on the DEMISE of the relationship - no Mills and Boons for me. I write about the REAL deal when it comes to the unfairer sex. And yes, I do sound bitter, because basically, I am. So there! (I just know my angsty love life would be easier to handle if.... I heard from my agent and I could get on with editing my novel...)

On a brighter note, I decided to go clubbing (mutton dressed as baby lamb springs to mind) on Saturday, where I was accosted by an array of 18 year olds asking for a dance. Of course I refused whilst feeling mighty egotistical at the same time. I got home at 5am (formally 4am) shattered and in need of much needed beauty sleep. Annoyingly, I woke up at 10am and could not re-sleep. I remember in my younger days being able to kip until 1 pm at least.
Old age ai? .


Saturday, March 18

I've created a whole new character!!!!!!!!!!!

What a lazy, hazy day!

I thought, let me go visit this person, that person (because when I'm not writing, I actually have time on my hands).
You know what I did? Went sraight back to bed and TRIED to sleep as I'd been feeling a lil' tired, thanks to a sleeping pill that just REFUSES to exit my system. Well, I dont know what happened (I THINK I drifted in and out of slumber) but I woke up and suddenly thought of a new character to add to my story. Yes, a WHOLE new character that will be introduced to my 'girls' as they embark on their school six weeks holiay (this part of the book is set when Six week holidays were in fact... six weeks!). She's going to be an interesting character that doesnt actually show up again, but does leave a lasting impression on my girls........ nuff said.

So I have just written a blurb for her and feel semi excited. Semi, because phisically, I'm still a lil' tired. Plus I've been invited to a party tonight by a work collegue and just dont wanna go - its so cold out there and me chest is playing up...... I know, I know, I sound older than my years, dont I?.
I once asked my Great Neice how old she thought I was (she was five at the time). With a straight face, glowing with pride, she answered "Ninety Two."
I think she had a point.

C ya!

Ps - who doesnt like dohnuts?

Thursday, March 16

Hi all.

Well I finally plucked up the courage and phoned my agent a couple of days ago. She said the book fair and a home emergancy had taken up most of her time. She did say that after speaking to some Editors at the book fair, they told her 'saga's' are selling. hmmm... my book is 'sort of' a saga, right? Once she's read it all, she'll get back to me within the week. I'll see what she says then. At the moment, she says it has alot of potential but will need something to make it 'big'. Not sure what that means....
She told me to take this time to research other books. Not quite sure where to start...

Today I'm at home waiting for my new washing machine to be delivered after my old faithfull conked out on me! So i'm 'working from home' today and blogging for a few moments.
Tally Ho!

Monday, March 6

www.unpublished-author.com gets a few new interviews!!

Hey all,
Could only do half day at work today. Still feeling ill. It gave me a chance to do some serious updating for my website www.unpublished-author.com. I'll soon be adding authors Adele Parks and Nick Earls in the next few days. I am very grateful to all the authors who have interviewed for the site but to get a man author was a real coup. My first!! Take a look soon.

Saturday, March 4

Hi all.
Well yet again, I'm at home with a chest infection. This bloody weather is really slogging me out! This is all wasted writing time of course, because I have nothing to edit because my agent hasn't been in touch with the revisions. Anyway, the London book fare should be over by next week, so I'll get in touch then. I need to get seriously writing again, then perhaps all the complexities of life (I mean love) wont mean so blimming much.
In true Me non thinking style, I made the mistake of going out to a restaurant with my friend last night and couldn't stop coughing on the train home. Passengers kept looking at me as If i was the most disgusting person alive (pass the water, pleeeaase - but of course there was no water on a packed train...) All that coughing and spluttering. Very sexy. NOT.

Wednesday, March 1

Hi there,
well, i feel a bit like shite. My article was turned down (yawn). Tempted to scream "Why does this always happen?"what I should do is scrutinise the magazine again ands try and write something that would fit into it more. Oh I'm tired, plus my throat infection is returning...
still no word from my agent - I guess she's getting ready for London book fair, though I am still tempted to call just in case I had given her my incorrect e-mail... Then again, wouldn't she then ring me, but would she have time to ring me if she's preparing for LBF?? OH OH OH, I'm going doolalee am i not? losing my mind because of this writing thing. One minute up - then down.