Friday, April 11

Okay, the results are in. Rather a report from the writing doctor. I’m pleased to say its all kinda positive and get this, HILARY JOHNSON HERSELF, WANTS TO PASS THE MANUSCRIPT TO A LITERARY AGENT SHE KNOWS!!

OhMiGosh, OhMiGosh, OHMIGOSH!!!!

I can hardly believe it. Of course, 'Im indoors says he is not surprised and has never doubted my ability. But I tell you this, the joy I feel is too much.

Inevitably, when I jump off the clouds and find myself back in my flat in front of the computer, I realize, I have a lot of work to do. First I have to undergo the recommendations Hilary Johnson’s reader had made and this included adding over ten thousand words. Getting rid of adjectives, making the main character more sympathetic. The usual suspects.

Oodles of doubt creep in. What will this agent say?