Wednesday, August 28

Rejection No 1 Thanks but no thanks

Rejection No 2 Not taking on any more clients right now

Rejection No 3 You write well, but the story’s not for us

Rejection No4 The story is great, but you write too clunky (Clunky?)

Rejection No5 Thanks but no thanks

I await the further 2 rejections but realise it aint gonna happen for me is it? I’m never going to make the level of Lisa Jewell et al am I? Stick to your day job love, give up the pipe dream, blah, blah, blah. Anyone got a tissue?

I still have one rejection remaining, but I must say, the penultimate one had positive overtones. It was a rejection, yes. But it did say they enjoyed it but felt my sentences were a little long winded (longwinded? Moi) anyway, the letter ended with some advice about taking a creative writing course. Now I could look at this in 2 ways; Think they are dissing the hell out of me by basically implying I can’t write or; take heart in the fact they actually bothered to give me feedback in the first place. What would you do…?

It took a bit of time, but my arrogance waded in. Thoughts such as; “”Why should I do a creative writing course? I can write.” And “Bedsides, I still have one more rejection slip outstanding. Who knows, it just might be that letter I crave – the one telling me to send in the rest of my manuscript a.s.a.p because a large publishing house is eager to purchase and…”