Monday, December 31


... and I hope your new year is filled with love, joy and happiness.

I'd just like to say what a brilliant year this has been for me.
For a major publisher to actually WANT to publish MY book.
To sit in a meeting and listen to folk talk about a bunch of characters who, for their entire lives have been living in MY head.
I can't explain how that feels.

So, goodbye 2007

HELLO 2008...

... and a new Diary... this time called DIARY OF A SOON TO BE PUBLISHED AUTHOR
available NOW at

So, not that long to go now.. my first ever published novel; 'By The Time You Read This...'

Available in bookshops... soon!

Friday, December 28


Thursday, December 27

Monday, December 24

My Guest Blog for an online magazine...

Friday, December 21

My Life......

If I am not at the day job, I’m at home doing content for my website, editing my old novel, writing the new one, speaking to my publicist, Editor(s), web developer AND then onto the day job. But, you know what? I aint complaining. No way.

Am working at 'the day job' during alot of christmas as taking too much Annual Leave wouldn't be smart - I get the feeling I'm going to need a few days for next year...

Saturday, December 15

29,000 words of the new novel, written...

... of course it could all be a load of old tosh at the moment. But this is that exciting stage all over again.

Wednesday, December 12

My book's on Amazon !!CANADA!!

Wednesday, December 5

Thank You's..

Thank you so much for your good wishes, MIDDLE DITCH, KAREN CLARKE, SHANTA...
All good wishes are gratefully and humbly received.

Saturday, December 1


.... WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!
I feel so buzzed as I write this entry today.
What a fun 4 hours, I've just had.
Okay, it may have been freezing posing outside in the cold, but still so much fun.

What was weird, were obvious neighbours of mine looking over at this 'strange girl' surrounded by lighting' equipment and a camera the size of a small country.

''To the left!'' Click. ''Smile to the right!'' Click.

Weird, surreal and nice.

Even if I was caked (and I mean caked) in make- up and I repeat as cold as a choc ice!


Sunday, November 25

15 thousand words in...!

Of the new novel!

I'm writing like mad.

I am consious of the fact that mid next year I may be a lil' busy (and excited) with By The Time You Read This (thats a long title, right?) to be in the mood to buckle down to writing. So am writing as much as I can now.
In the run up to christmas, I have a life to be getting on with thankfully, so even less time as the weeks go on. Then there's work (the day job) that has some really busy moments but you know what? - I AM GOING TO DO THIS.
It's what I've wanted for so long.
And hey, people with kids, a dog and a house to clean find time to write and so shall I.