Monday, July 23


Has it really been this long? And what happened to the summer? All this rain.

What have I been up to, then?

I got back from Cuba exactly a week ago. With two Friends, I finally got to go to that beautiful country. And before you ask, this was booked BEFORE the book deal. Talking of which, It was different not thinking about the book ... okay, i did a bit. But I tried not to keep referring to it to my mates. And succeeded. But there were these three Canadian lads i got talking to in the sea (note; isn't it strange talking to three blokes, dressed in your underwear - because that's basically what a bikini is, right?) anyway, when i mentioned I had written a book and would very much hope they'd buy a copy (coz, i basically need the cash) the look on their eyes spoke volumes; "You wrote a book?" said one. It kinda reinforced to me that yes, people are still amazed and sweet when you tell them. It then plumps up MY excitement levels again.

I'm about to be a published author. Authoress - whatever.

Anyways, Havana was fantastic and I was glad I spent seven days there and only three in Varadero which was too resorty for me (but needed after all that Havana gallivanting!). Spending time at the Yoruba Association was fantastic. My background is Yoruba (from the Nigerian tribe) and to know that the african slaves hundreds of years ago had kept some of their beliefs alive and passed them on to many Cubans today, astounds me. Also, reading about the revolution, history. I just feel more enriched. More, I dunno, knowledgable about 'stuff'.

Phew. Think I need another holiday.

Basically, Cuba had its good and bad points, but it was a much needed, fantastic, cultural holiday.

So now, still mega tanned and 'glossy' looking, I've returned to my re-writes and should have those finished within days. The jetlag is still hanging about like a bad odour.
Talking about 'hanging about'...


Deep breath, deep breath.

The house next door is being complety gutted and renovated and the drilling seems to have sent Ratty, my way. I screamed as I realised it wasn't post jet hallucinations, but a real life RAT hanging about my corridoor. My scream that followed allowed it to race in the direction of the.. gulp... kitchen (where I will obviously NEVER eat again) leaving me catatonic, imagining all sorts (Ratty break dancing in my house, taking a bath, putting on my stereo as I drank Mojitos in the Cuban sun).