Monday, February 28

Well I’m back! Ready to tackle that manuscript. After a lot of thinking and planning, I am recharged and ready. So what if I have to effectively cut twenty thousand words of the novel and CHANGE the wording of the remaining sixty thousand. I can do it!

A Positive Day

I can’t do this.

It’s too hard and long-winded!

Instead of totally deleting my two other characters I have cut and pasted them into another file, to use on another book. I have taken the odd day off of work and even tried to write during my lunch break, before work and after work. But I will carry on.

Another Day

This is hard work.

I am knackered. There are days when I feel I won’t get published that this is all a waste of time. You know, the usual pangs of negativity, total fedupness, hopefulness, feeling witty, feeling like an arsehole. Welcome to the psychotic world of a writer!