Sunday, November 24

The nights are longer, it’s getting colder. I still remain unpublished. 3 more reasons not to get out of bed this morning.

Did something impulsive today (if you count thinking about it for the last year, impulsive). I booked a 4-day break to sunny Tunisia. As soon as the quirky travel agent pressed the send button, I instantly regretted it. WHAT HAD I DONE? Spent money I couldn’t afford perhaps? Oh who cares? You only live once. I need some sun sea and… sand in my hair. Quite looking forward to it really and ‘Im indoors' managed to crack a smile.

Week whatever on the dreaded writing course.

Nothing new to report. Only that I think my tutor is beginning to appreciate my ‘alternative’ style of writing.

Tutor: “You seem to like writing comedy don’t you?” Err, YES. I’d been trying to tell him that for weeks!

Tutor: (Turning to the whole class) I have a challenge for you all. (Class waits with bated breath).

“I want – those of you who have the guts- to write me a sex scene from the opposite sex’s point of view. Namely, I have to write a sex scene from a bloke’s point of view. Err, easy enough…

It took me 15 minutes to produce the sex scene of the century. Now all I have to do is give it in. WILL I HAVE THE GUTS…? It’s hardly the stuff of literary masterpiece is it… and we know what the tutors like. He may not like my style of humour or.. Oh there I go with my lack of confidence rhetoric. Does it ever end? Hope not. I think one needs a level of self-doubt in order to improve, don’t you think?

A week after submission of sex scene.

After admitting he had no idea so many of us would rise to the challenge (pun intended) Tutor said he was surprised at the quality of our sexual scenes. He mentioned mine as being ‘a quite humorous scene which worked (apart from a few inconsistencies). I’m ashamed to admit that his praise pleased me no end. I FINALLY HAD THE APROVAL I CRAVED. It’s unfortunate that the course ends next week! I was tempted to take another term, but work commitments wont allow – besides, I think I have enough to be working with; get rid of clich├ęs, adjectives and don’t hate your character. Sounds more complex than that, but I know what I mean. Promise.

Off to Tunisia in a couple of days.