Monday, July 24

I HAVE AN IDEA.............

Something stuck in my mind whilst I regressed into insolent child mode (as my agent reeled off her list of demands the other day i.e; blah, blah, blah!)
"Is this the novel you've ALWAYS wanted to write?"
Well no.

And a few days later I was sitting down in front of the telly and then...
I've got it.

So I screamed my happiness, gave thanks to God, thought the temptation to call the 'ex 'im indoors' (In the old days he would be the first person i'd call when a new idea hit me) and sat down and wrote. And wrote. And wrote.
It's now 5000 words later...

Friday, July 21

I Spoke to my Agent on Tuesday.....

... And she basically seems to hate the first 50 pages my new effort/re-write.
No plot.
Too domestic
Story not going anywhere.
You've lost your 'voice'
Need I go on?
I dont think I'll show her the rest then....

Wednesday, July 5

Celebritys and Novels

Jordan's just published her first fiction novel . Apparently, her publishers asked her to try non - fiction. Wow - if only ai? Being asked... But I'm not bitter. And at least I can honestly say i havent used a ghost writer yet.
What do others think abut this issue?

Sunday, July 2

Sun, sun, and more sun!!! Yessss!

Is it really July already?
I'm enjoying the sun. Trained a bit for my charity run next week and I'm contemplayting the cleaning of at least half my flat. No writing today as the first half of my new novel is with my agent.........