Wednesday, October 12

okay, i'm off work today with a dodgy cough and well, I have just managed to bring up the word count to 70,000 words. HURRAH!

This is a tasty milestone for me because it means I can now begin the mammoth task of -
1, The spell check.
2, Then the editing process.

Now you know that this is a biggy.

I do aim to add another ten thousand words this way (I hope!).
I dont intend to start on this until I get back from Barcelona (I'm going the end of this month for a few days). At least then 'll be refreshed etc to start over. Fresh eyes is always the way to do it as you writers will know.
I'm still in my dressng gown, so I should actually get dressed. Lot of Zinc and Vitamin C coming up!

Tuesday, October 11

Hi there,
67,000 words and counting!!

Friday, October 7

Hey all!
well its a mild October so far and being British, I'm obsessed with the weather. Anyway, the word count is a measly 61,000. Its been almost a month since my last post and a measly 61,000??? This dissapoints me endlessly.
And because i now have actual work to do at work, I cant sneak a few hours writing at lunch, etc. I do a bit in the week, but the bulk of it is on a frantic sunday afternoon, Eastenders on mute.
I have to just keep coming up with scenario's to add becuase the bulk of the story has been written. Still no word from my agent and frankly, I've been too cowrdly to pick up the phone and call her. Besides, she'll be busy with the Frankfurt book fair and all.
Anyway, about my life.
Just had a thought (yes, it is possible) perhaps my lack of word count is becuase of GFTT (guy from the train). Oh no, he's overtaken my brain....!
This weekend, i am aiming for at least 4,000 wether I am tired or not...
Watch this space...