Saturday, March 31

The meeting went well.
I am pleased with it.
My little 'issue' i feel has also been ironed out.
Plus, I presented my agent with my new pseudo name.... My first name remains the same, but have added a differen't surname. It feels right.
Anyway, back to the cutting, changing paragraphs around etc, which I need to finish this weekend. I'm off on a long weekend after Easter and I aim everything to be done by then. I need to set myself deadlines so i wll stick to it.
I'm serious about this.
My friend landed in London yesterday and I haven't seen her for months. She wanted to get together this weekend, but I had to decline. I know we will be up all night talking and I'd be too tired to work the next day.
I must stay focused.
I felt bad about it, but I know she understands. She knows what this means to me, I hope.
Back to work, now.

Saturday, March 24

Agent likes my book... BUT

She say's it needs a bit of cutting where ironically, the book deals with the character's mini meltdown. Agent says it's too 'depressing'. To be honest, I kind of wanted the reader to feel the characters distress...

How do I feel now?
well, I'm a little dissapointed because you know, we have been here before; changing and cutting bits of my novel to fit my agents spec... Deleting whole characters...
I want to be true to myself.

Anyway, our telephone conversation was brief because we now have a meeting on Tuesday.

*I have another, seperate issue that is on my mind, niggling me, but don't want to bring that up right now, but I hope it will be sorted out, Tuesday, too.

I'll let ya know what happens..

Sunday, March 18

So I did it...

... I finished the edit and I'm sooooooooo happy with it. I am ready to send off to my agent. Wow. Such a good feeling. Gonna pour myself a nice soft drink.
Oh and happy mother's day!

Saturday, March 17

OH MY....

Has it already been over a month?
No, I wasn't so depressed at reaching my old age that I decided to go to ground.. no. I've been busy finishing and re-editing and re-editing my manuscript. I showed it to my Muse (the one in the industry, keep up) and he's given it a seal of approval. Said I must give it to my agent right away. So by tommorow, I would have finished the final grmmer/ silly sentance edit and will send it off to her on tuesday afternoon..

This time, I will not be changing it drastically like my last MS. I will have the confidence to know that this is the book for me.
The true me.
This is my book.
Anyhow's, its now seven pm and I've been editing since around ten thirty (with breaks of course). I need to eat methinks.
Back soon.