Friday, April 27

The day after the 'verbal offer...'

A collegue at work overheard me talking to my agent today and asked me if I had a book deal.
"Yes," I answered.

"Ohmigosh thats greeeaaat! You must be thrilledhowdoyoufeelohmigoshthatsgreatnewsCONGRATULATIONS!!!" She said.

"Oh thanks," I replied.

Yes, apart from a few flashes of excitement, I am still relatively calm. A bit like a glass of day old, champagne.

It will come.

Thursday, April 26

I have a publishing deal..........

.........In theory.
I have been made an 'offer' via my agent.
When she told me, I felt... nothing. I'm not sure why I feel this way. Is it because after seven whole years I am drained? I just feel numb.

It wasn't until 3 hours later that I dared to say to myself; "I'm a writer. I am a writer!" A spot of cautious excitement and then, nothingness, again.
A defence mechanism perhaps?

I've yet to sign anything, so things could still go tits up...

You know what, I'm not going to psychoanalyse this, just remain in the moment, thank God (always) and wait for that spark of excitement to hit me.

Wednesday, April 25


So I had a meeting today with the big publishers.
Will keep you informed.

To Be Continued.

Tuesday, April 24


It's Tuesday
Was having a not so good day.
My agent rang.
I have a meeting tommorow....
With a publisher.

To Be Continued

Friday, April 13

Greetings From Spain!

Okay, everythings in Spanish and it feels strange typing on a computer with non-English words, but hey..!´

Me and chums are off to the Pyrenees in a few hours. Apparently, the snow´s too mushy for a begginner like me, so I may have to just watch the others do it.
There´s a spa bath with my name on it, waiting for me to launguish in (hopefully with an array of semi clad gentlmen on hand to feed me grapes....)

It is rather cold here in Barcelona too. It felt maaad, simply maaad to leave a sunny London (yes, sunny) to come to a place with skies as grey as my old pants.
At least its a break. From work and the day to day ness of ones life (not that I Am for one minute, complaining).

I´m off shopping (possibly in the rain) later. And unlike if i were in England - I can´t wait!

Adios!!!! For now.

Friday, April 6

Hi All.

It's good Friday today and I hope many of us will remember the real significance of today.

I spoke with my Agent yesterday and she is happy with the book. I'm off to the Pyrenees on Thursday, same weekend as the London Book Fair, so nothing will be done until after that...
I am quietly excited.
I'm so glad the book's done (save for a few bits). Time to exhale?

Happy Easter!