Wednesday, November 30

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! I'v been up all nite at the delivery and i'm tired (but not half as much as the new mum!). What an experience and one i'm sure will be written about someday. So to sum up;
The experience was beautiful, yet violent.

Messy, but pure.
Serene, yet loud.

Welcome to the world little one!!!!!!!

Friday, November 25

Hi all, I just called my agent to ask if she'd received the first 5o pages. She replied she had, but will read it by next week. I told her it was somthing different than what I am used to writing and she said she'd read the Synopsis and DIDNT LIKE IT. Needs to be a straight saga.

Hmm... okay...
Right, I best just have a nice weekend and try not to internalise the rubbishing of my work.
Actually, I did think the story was a bit 'busy' myself. The worst she can do is tell me to make the story straighter, which will mean cutting, which I am okay with.
Deep breath, deep breath.
Anyway, i am on call this weekend as a birthing partner for my beloved friend. The baby is due today so every 'date' i make this weekened will not be honoured if friend goes into labour...
I really cant wait.

Thursday, November 24

I just sent in the first 50 pages of the novel to my agent....

Wednesday, November 23

Got a letter from one of the glossy magazines today saying 'thanks but no thanks' for my 'fantastic' article idea. Got straight back on the horse and sent a letter to ANOTHER glossy. Thats the thing about being an unpublished author - you kinda get used to the rejection . However when it comes to affairs of the heart thats another matter isnt it...?

Saturday, November 19

Okay, well, i've locked myself away in my flat and have started on the re-re write of the first 10,000 words to give to my agent. AND I'M LOST. I dont know whether to do each chapter from one point of view or mix the point of view of the three sisters. I have to look at a few other books to see how they have been written. I just keep thinking my book is crap (I always do this at this stage, this is my pattern).

What I'll do is just do my best and send it to my agent next week and sit tight. I cant do much else. Also, I'm mooning about a certain bloke and I need to stop that lark, dont I? Anyway, the book is a nice distraction.

So let me get back to it now before I find other things to think about...

Tuesday, November 15

Well I finally plucked up enough courage and called my agent.
You know what? I AM SO GLAD I DID.
First off, she mentioned great feedback from a certain publisher (they liked my voice, etc) but decided to decline because they are unsure of HOW to publish/market it. Same story as before I'm afraid. However, instead of plunging me into depression, I feel energised. I cant wait until the weekend to really get going on the re, re, write. My agent wants to see it. Now this is weird for me because NO ONE. Absolutely NO ONE HAS SEEN IT. It is my new, more serious voice and I'm not sure if it works....
I will pray and pray that it is okay.
And believe me, my agent pulls no punches. If it stinks, she'll let me know.....
So you have it! I'm glad to have the book back in my mind. Lately its been a certain male (such a hunk!)Anyway, enough about that, I have a career to think of/kick start. I have even sent off a bunch of letters to women's magazine asking them, if they are desperate enough to want an article from me.
So there you have it, I am fired up and raring to go...
Nice day, innit...?

Wednesday, November 9

Okay, after getting all fired up, I've kind of lost motivation. I am home earlier from work today and should really be writing, but all i want to do tonight i gulp downa tesco apple crumble and tesco finest FRESH custard... yummy. WHATS WRONG WITH ME? is my holiday glow gone all so quickly? i guess on some levels it is fear. This is a draph of a novel that NO ONE has seen. The agent included and Is the first time i have seriously attempted somthing that isnt comedy... can I do serious?

Should I do serious?

One good thing, i saw an ad on the tube for Ben Elton's new book and it looked very serious... and isnt he usually into the comedies? If he can do it, then so shall I.... Gulp.

Wednesday, November 2

Hi all!
Just got back from Barcelona! Had a nice break, the weather was great (apparently there were tornadoes the week before i arrived). I am back and refreshed to begin the editting process. I need to make the first 10,000 words pristine and send them to my fab agent. I'm excited and can't wait to get started. Need to go on more holidays, I think....