Sunday, September 11

Okay, so I'm up to 49,500 words today. Not bad ai? Had one of those rare good days today. I'mjust about to embark on cooking my dinner, so I hope that comes out okay.

I was thinking about my agent today. I had plannd to write a synopsis, give it her and if I got the green light, I'd go ahead with the story. But Now I have gone way past the half way mark, t may just be too late for that. May jusy have to pray she likes the story. I am just so on a roll and I'm not sure how long this will last. If you have been reading my blog, you'd know I can be a bit up and down.

As the MS is in a bit of a mess, I'll clean up the first three chapters and post them to her.
But not now. Now, I just kinda want to finish it.

Saturday, September 10

Forty six thousand words as of today! (SO SORRY ABOUT THE DODGY GIRL ON THE LEFT - just me trying to be technical again....)
Anyway, I cant belive how much i've written today. I was like a woman possessed with the urge to write!!!! Like I'm on some type of roll. Dont know how long it will last but I'm veeery pleased. Time for food now, then X - Factor, then... who knows!

Friday, September 9

I'm at work, watching the rain tumble down outside. Due to an overdose of one antihistamine and one over the counter sleeping pill, I feel groggy and basically like crap.
Actually, have done all week in fact. I managed about a thousand words yetserday and can honestly say, the novel is in a mess. Still no word from my agent. is she still in the country? I saw a bill board the other day for one of her author's book and wondered when it would be my turn.... At least it reminded me of how good she is.

Book fair.
Well, thats in Frankfurt and I harbour absolutly no amnbitions to go there, so I'll forget that bright spark of an idea then, wont I?

Guy on the train who thinks we're buddies is due round at mine this weekend, so predict even LESS writing getting done... This is such a departure for me, because in the past, I have been known to put my life on hold and ... just write.

Alas, this is No more.

Oh damn, i only did 500 yesterday...... cue stress, palpartations, etc.

Monday, September 5

Ok, praps not today. It's aready nine oclock and i'm surfing the net!! Oh perhaps I'll start again tommorow. No bugger it, why am i giving myself a hard time? I've been woring hard haven't I?
So much for contacting my agent. I will do it soon, though. Soon. promise. As soon as I have the time. Oh,this is all too weired.

Sunday, September 4

Hi all,

well I'm having a break from writing this week. I've got to 40,000 (half way) and it's time to take stock, rethink and basically watch loads of telly. Okay, there is a worry, i'll get too used to this. I need to go back to it. Fast. Will do... tommorow?