Thursday, August 31

I'm at home today...

...because my chest infection has resurfaced and it's not even winter yet!
Been off work since yesterday! Was even too mashed up to write part of my novel! THIS IS PRIME NOVEL WRITING TIME! I will try and do some writing today, right after I call up my collection of neice and nephews and tell them I won't be picking them up later to gorge some calorie busting, but rather tasty Krispy Creme dohnuts, as promised. Something I had been promising them for ages. It's not as if I WANT to teach the kids possible obesity inducing eating habits, but it is my duty as a 'cool (ish)' aunt to introduce their (and my) tastebuds to pleasure. Perhaps next week.

Monday, August 28

Flattery, elasticated slacks and raves.

Thank you Gina. I loved your comments and had to fight rushes of flattery at the news that I am on your 'refferalls list' and you looked at my archives. Nice one!

Well in England, it's a Bank Holiday and I'm not writing today. I am still recovering from my poetry/Dj's /live music extravaganza, last night. During which my neice called and I had to text back amongst the thros of all the loud music and politely explain I was at a 'rave' and I'd have to call her back. Her amusing textual reply got me thinking; Her Aunty is out 'raving' whilst SHE is at home looking after a child. Isn't it supposed to be the other way round??
Talking of which, I woke up feeling dreadfull (even though I hadn't gotten drunk) its just my ageing body PLEADING; HELP ME, HELP ME. To my defence, I fitted in a short run this afternoon, have cooked a curry AND have just updated me Blog!

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 26

I've written 18,000 words

Hey I'm back. Summer seems to be over but I've written 18,000 words of my new novel.

At this stage, I wont say much,only that the main character is called Lois and she's sweet (ish) and it's comedy(ish). My sense of humour.

It's EXACTLY what I want to write. I love it so far. Doing loads of research because even though it's set in the recent past (last fifteen years) I could still get things wrong. So I'm on a small high as i try and fit in 101 dates in the meantime.


Thursday, August 10

A scary day today.
Another plot foiled.
Some people seemed determined to cause death and injury. These are really sad times.

Monday, August 7

It's a BOY!

Well i'm a proud Great Aunt this afternoon as my niece has just produced an offspring. I feel old. But happy!