Saturday, June 19

The conference was fab!

Mingling with writers, published and unpublished felt so surreal. Not least, standing in the dinner line with commissioning editor for sitcoms, talking about Brixton! Spending fifteen minutes (at an interview) with the gorgeous Simon Trewin was equally lovely. He is very approachable, as you will see on his website, so get your stuff sent in! Another agent said my idea was good, but needed to do a lot of work on the script (on, hello, you have only seen the first three pages, give me a break!!!!). The third agent. Now, let’s see. I have sent her stuff in the past and I remember her asking something about my writing being fluid. This was a few years back and it took me ages to figure out what she meant. I still don’t know. Nevertheless, it was a rejection. And judging by the faces of writers, filing out of the fifteen-minute meeting, I was about to get another one. Equally, she looked equally bored, when I said hello and sat down in front of her. That’s until she opened my flimsy little script I’d sent her before hand. “I like this,” she said. Or something like that, because my mind is an absolute blur. Fact is, she liked my new story. Encouraged me to finish it and send it into her. Oh my God!

I am so happy. All the usual clich├ęs about floating on cloud nine seep into my consciousness. It could actually happen. I may get an agent and… well you know… BECOME A WRITER!!!!