Sunday, November 25

15 thousand words in...!

Of the new novel!

I'm writing like mad.

I am consious of the fact that mid next year I may be a lil' busy (and excited) with By The Time You Read This (thats a long title, right?) to be in the mood to buckle down to writing. So am writing as much as I can now.
In the run up to christmas, I have a life to be getting on with thankfully, so even less time as the weeks go on. Then there's work (the day job) that has some really busy moments but you know what? - I AM GOING TO DO THIS.
It's what I've wanted for so long.
And hey, people with kids, a dog and a house to clean find time to write and so shall I.

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Anonymous said...

As and when you are published, how about signing a few hardbacks for my membership who are always looking for the next JK.
Regards John.