Friday, February 1

It’s my birthday! 28 today. And instead of feeling the usual, “Just a few more years to middle age” and “Where have all the years gone?’ crap, I’m actually feeling positive. You see, this is my year – the year I WILL be published. What scientific evidence do I have to back this up? Err, various daydreams regarding my big publishing contract always seem to take place age 28. It’s just a feeling I’ve always had. .. and weren’t literary greats such as Jenny Colgan signed up at that age? Seems to be the norm…

‘Im indoors actually took me out to a posh Thai restaurant (posh, meaning a full course costing more than £2.99). It was nice, only I kept thinking, by coming here, I’d actually failed. You see, part of the daydreams mentioned above used to involve me celebrating my publishing contract here. I’d book half the resturant for friends and family. I’d make a toast thanking everyone for their support etc, and now that I’d made it as a writer, I’d never change; blah, blah, blah. Thanking ‘Im indoors for all his patience and encouragement. Oh well, praps the chinease down the high road then…?

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