Wednesday, August 31

Oh well. By the end of August, summer is always over in my mind. But maaaan it's hot today. I'm off work today because our computers are down and instead of putting in a few thousand words for my new manuscript I'M DOING WORK, FROM... MY PLACE OF WORK! This feels unnatural. My home computer is strictly for my novel, right?

I was thinking today, I havent heard from my agent for almost two months. Praps she's forgotten about me... I still fantasise about THAT CALL. Telling me I have a publisher interested in my book. These daydreams are not as frequent as before, but they still lurk.
I will phone my agent next week and ask her if she needs a dogsbody to go with her to the big ol' book fair in October. Time to get in with the book world again. Such an exciting place.

Oh well, I'm off to TGI Fridays now. Got some voucher that lets me and my girl-friend buy a meal and get one free. yes, IT IS TIME TO BINGE EAT. But tommorow, when i'm feeling well guilty about it, I still wouldnt have a book deal... The guy I fancy on the train, still acts as if we are buddies, my ex has still dumped me... Oh pass me that chicken burger with extra mayo......

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