Friday, November 25

Hi all, I just called my agent to ask if she'd received the first 5o pages. She replied she had, but will read it by next week. I told her it was somthing different than what I am used to writing and she said she'd read the Synopsis and DIDNT LIKE IT. Needs to be a straight saga.

Hmm... okay...
Right, I best just have a nice weekend and try not to internalise the rubbishing of my work.
Actually, I did think the story was a bit 'busy' myself. The worst she can do is tell me to make the story straighter, which will mean cutting, which I am okay with.
Deep breath, deep breath.
Anyway, i am on call this weekend as a birthing partner for my beloved friend. The baby is due today so every 'date' i make this weekened will not be honoured if friend goes into labour...
I really cant wait.

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