Tuesday, November 15

Well I finally plucked up enough courage and called my agent.
You know what? I AM SO GLAD I DID.
First off, she mentioned great feedback from a certain publisher (they liked my voice, etc) but decided to decline because they are unsure of HOW to publish/market it. Same story as before I'm afraid. However, instead of plunging me into depression, I feel energised. I cant wait until the weekend to really get going on the re, re, write. My agent wants to see it. Now this is weird for me because NO ONE. Absolutely NO ONE HAS SEEN IT. It is my new, more serious voice and I'm not sure if it works....
I will pray and pray that it is okay.
And believe me, my agent pulls no punches. If it stinks, she'll let me know.....
So you have it! I'm glad to have the book back in my mind. Lately its been a certain male (such a hunk!)Anyway, enough about that, I have a career to think of/kick start. I have even sent off a bunch of letters to women's magazine asking them, if they are desperate enough to want an article from me.
So there you have it, I am fired up and raring to go...
Nice day, innit...?

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