Friday, December 9

And i'm really shocked. She said she liked the story, everyhing. The only thing it needs is a clean up of my dodgy grammer, but apart from that, A- okay. Somthing about it being promising....!!! i told her my fears about it coming across as too 'corney' at times, but she told me to be as corney as I like (she could always take it out later!) . So good news. A departure from my usual style of writing, and it seemds to have worked... Maybe i am a versitle writer after all. Just like Ben Elton (comedy AND serious). Not that I've read any of his work, I am merely assuming.

I am very happy. I trusted in God and my ability to do this... and I am happy.

The weekend starts today and I dont have much planned. Its my Nans birthday tonight HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN! And im going to cook her fave meal. So thanks for waiting with me folks. Cant wait to get back to the book now and just write, write, write. Anyway, see ya for now!!!!

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