Saturday, March 4

Hi all.
Well yet again, I'm at home with a chest infection. This bloody weather is really slogging me out! This is all wasted writing time of course, because I have nothing to edit because my agent hasn't been in touch with the revisions. Anyway, the London book fare should be over by next week, so I'll get in touch then. I need to get seriously writing again, then perhaps all the complexities of life (I mean love) wont mean so blimming much.
In true Me non thinking style, I made the mistake of going out to a restaurant with my friend last night and couldn't stop coughing on the train home. Passengers kept looking at me as If i was the most disgusting person alive (pass the water, pleeeaase - but of course there was no water on a packed train...) All that coughing and spluttering. Very sexy. NOT.

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