Sunday, April 23


I repeat. I missed my flight yesterday morning, because I waited for my mum's friend to take us to the airport at 5am. He didnt show, so i had to lug my case onto public transport - ie, a rickety tiny bus that wouldn't even pass an MOT and raced (sort of) to the taxi rank. We reached the check in desk 5 minutes after it closed. And after fruitless pleading to officials who uncharacteristically didn't ask for a bribe, I found myself making overly expensive mobile calls to England (yes, using Roaming) where I have now managed to secure a flight for monday AT A COST OF 600 (unbudgeted for) pounds.

This isnt good.

So I have just printed off my E-receipt and am going back to my mum's to re-pack.

Oh well.

I am not as mad as I should be. I will say this though, with all the poverty out here, one thing allows many of those i have met to remain positive - faith, with most saying; "Every dissapointment is a blessing."

So it's been a strange 'holiday'. 


Priya said...


After reading your post two things registered to me. You are really funny, take things in your stride, nice sense of humour.

Keep it up

U've acquired urself a regular reader

EmmaK said...

I really enjoy your blog and hope that your new novel finds a publisher.

Anonymous said...


You are so funning, you actually make me laugh out loud. I cannot wait to read you book WHEN it gets published. I wish every success.

Anonymous said...


Cannot wait to read your book.