Sunday, May 7


Hi all. And thanks for the Pick Me Up Priya. I was in my 'miserable cow' mode yesterday. But after attending church this morning then going for a nice run in the park - I feel sooooo much better.

I have just added a new interview with Tess Gerristen to my website
She's sold loads of books and seems really nice too. Check out other writer interviews on my website (the cartoon on the front looks nothing like me - she's wayyy better looking).

Talking of the park - whatta way to meet blokes!!!! A sunny day seems to bring out the hunks. Tight shorts, rippelling muscles. I'm supposed to be training for a charity run in July, but my constant neck jerking at the sight of yet another hunk, almost allowed me to bump into a lampost. Or two. Especially the ten fit blokes gyrating on the park floor (okay, they were pressuping- is that a real word?- but I peceived this as gyrating).

Same time next week? You bet!

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