Thursday, June 22

Great to be back.....

... I suppose.
I've done a bit of writing today (I know, I can't believe it myself).
Just watching The Ghana Vs USA match. What a relief. In Georgia, actually America, it seemed no one gave a damn about footie! I'm not exactly a hard core fan, but I (whilst olgling the Brazilian, Italian, Spanish and Netherland team thighs) actually enjoy the world cup. It would be very humbling (or anger inducing) for a hardened british footie fan (flags on car etc) to see this; SOME PEOPLE JUST DONT CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL. One well known talk show host in America even made a joke about the game saying; "And they wonder why no one here takes it seriously". Well at least its one sport Britain have a shot at... pardon the pun...
This morning, I woke up very cold and had the heating on for around 3 hours as I sat in my fluffy nghtshirt and wrote (it was almost an alleged 20 degrees outside). I just feel so inspired to write write now and although I only wrote a bit - it was probaby some of the best stuff (I feel) I've written in a long time. Elle's back!
For now anyway.

Go Ghana!

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Nikki said...

Welcome back Elle. My Hub and Little Man are watching the football and so I am forced to watch it though they don't watch every game so so far the cup is not having an adverse effect on my life. I was cold this morning, despite the blinding sun streaming in between the blinds, this weird British weather.