Saturday, September 23

Greetings from Spain!

HI All,

Greetings from Spain. Writing in Blogger and the instructions are all in Spanish! The keyboard keys are also a little confusing and there seems to be a hundred EXTRA ones.

Well enough whinging, I'm so glad to be here. I'm just relaxing at the mo, gearing my self up for a bit of partaaaaying and shopping.

I´ve also been using my phone as a dictaphone, bits for my story. Oh and I´ve been writing the names of key places down because I may use a bit of Barcelona in my new book... I´ve been here so many times, I feel I'll be able to do that confidently.

Well it´s raining today! But its okay because there is so much to do. It's a bank hol on Monday so festivals have been going on all weekened. Went to a Brazilian one last night.
Okay - off for breakfast now (yep at 1pm, but hey, I'm on hols!)
See Ya!

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