Sunday, September 3

Still writing....

I figured it will take me until December to finish this book if current trends continue.

My agent still hasn't got back to me regarding the first chapter or so I sent her. Hmmm... this means either two things;

She hasnt checked her post
She thinks it stinks

I don't think she will think it stinks. And I do think she's checked her post. I suppose I'm now feeling I'm just not importnt enough to her. That stings a little. I say a little because becoming a writer means things can sting a little less - it's like I have developed some type of thick skin... all those rejections. It would be hard to survive this, methinks.

Anyway, I'm typing away on my nw novel, loads of spelling mistkes etc. i just want to get that first drapht down. The bare bones, before I go over it like fine toothcomb. if only I could get a contract on the basis of the first few chapters, then I could finish it knowing I had a book deal. How's that for inspiration? I'd proabbaly type it up within two weeks.

Does anyone know of anyw riters who have ever got a contract on the bais of a few chapters. My guess is, it will probably be literary 6000,000 word 'masterpeices' done by writers with a proven track record.

Anway, back to my life!


Anonymous said...

Do you still check this blog? Well if you do Marianne Keys got her first deal on the basis of a few chapters. Am enjoying reading your adventures, it took a long time huh? Do you forget how long it took now you are actually published?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon - I never forget! Thanks for following. I hope you get to read my books!