Saturday, March 31

The meeting went well.
I am pleased with it.
My little 'issue' i feel has also been ironed out.
Plus, I presented my agent with my new pseudo name.... My first name remains the same, but have added a differen't surname. It feels right.
Anyway, back to the cutting, changing paragraphs around etc, which I need to finish this weekend. I'm off on a long weekend after Easter and I aim everything to be done by then. I need to set myself deadlines so i wll stick to it.
I'm serious about this.
My friend landed in London yesterday and I haven't seen her for months. She wanted to get together this weekend, but I had to decline. I know we will be up all night talking and I'd be too tired to work the next day.
I must stay focused.
I felt bad about it, but I know she understands. She knows what this means to me, I hope.
Back to work, now.


lizzy said...
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lizzy said...

Good luck Elle! I have added links to writers blogs to my own after some research -trying to promote women writers including myself -hope you won't mind, if you do let me know Lizzy x