Friday, April 13

Greetings From Spain!

Okay, everythings in Spanish and it feels strange typing on a computer with non-English words, but hey..!´

Me and chums are off to the Pyrenees in a few hours. Apparently, the snow´s too mushy for a begginner like me, so I may have to just watch the others do it.
There´s a spa bath with my name on it, waiting for me to launguish in (hopefully with an array of semi clad gentlmen on hand to feed me grapes....)

It is rather cold here in Barcelona too. It felt maaad, simply maaad to leave a sunny London (yes, sunny) to come to a place with skies as grey as my old pants.
At least its a break. From work and the day to day ness of ones life (not that I Am for one minute, complaining).

I´m off shopping (possibly in the rain) later. And unlike if i were in England - I can´t wait!

Adios!!!! For now.

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