Friday, May 25

Met the publishing team today...

....Check this.
My Bosoms tucked into a semi designer dress, I exit the lift and see around TWENTY people holding champagne and waiting ... for me.


Who knew that so many people were involved in producing a book? Marketing, PR, artists, the list goes on. And I think I met almost all of them. Everyone was so genuinly nice. And then my Editor (ohmigosh, I have an Editor) made a speech.


Eek, eek. Actually, I didn't embarress myself too much... just not used to THAT much good stuff being said about me in public. Just had to readress the balance by thanking the publishers for having ME.
And that's real.

And although this is a 'special' situation, it didnt feel sureal at all. It felt real even though everything was so... so... OHIDONTKNOW (words fail me at the mo'...) I just know that I am thrilled right now. And really happy. Is it acceptable to feel H.A.P.P.Y?
Is it politically correct?
Probbaly not.

Throughout the afternoon, the smile on my face was so fixed, I'm sure it's introduced a couple new wrinkles to my eyes.

But who cares?

It was a greeeeaaaat day.
Everyone was so nice (and painstakinly attractive and young, so praps I'd better pull out the wrinkle cream, after all) .

And I'll say it again: watta day!

An hour later, myself Tha Agent and my Editor (yes, Editor) then took a car to a restuarant where we chatted for a couple of hours and ate some nice food.

What a fabulous day.

The bestest bit?; another person telling me my manuscript made them cry.


My nephew works nearby, so I went to visit him, still on my emotional high and on the way back, decided to drop into the store of a famous designer - just for the heck of it... You know, check out my lust bag... (did I mention my osession of all things leather and tote?)They didn't have the green so, the loverly and polite assitants insisted on ringing up other branches (I held my breath scared of how I could get out of this mess I was slowly entangling myself into . I mean.. £900!). I let out a gust of mouth wind when he finally announced; "Sorry, Madame, that colour has completely run out." My look said; "What, the green lambs skin leather number, I have lusted after on your website is gone? What to do?"
But my mind said; "Lucky escape."
So, I replied in footballers wife tones; "Oh that's a shame. Thanks anyway!" and promptly legged it.

Perhaps it was my semi designer dress (which the assistant commented on) that made 'em think I was indeed Freddie Lundbergs wife to be.

Anyhows, it was scary and fun... a bit like the publishing game....

Have a loverly bank holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad it worked out for you! xxx

Anonymous said...

oops...that should have been lady_wickedness.... hehe

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