Saturday, September 1

Last day of Aug......

31st August 2007

What a day!
I spent most of it at the publishers, editing the book AND WE STILL AINT FINISHED YET.

Whoever, says to me, writing a book is easy better just, in the words of Phill Mitchel better just "Shut it!".
Okay, the writing process is amazing. Mega fun. It's just the constant editing... ;
IF I HAVE TO READ MY BOOK AGAIN, YOU KNOW, FOR THE THOUSANTH TIME, I'LL SCREEEAAAM! (And there are many more rounds of editing to go).

But you know what? I am NOT COMPLAINING. This is the job I have wanted like, forever. A dream come true.

It's time consuming, it's tiring, it's brain-aching BUT I LUUURRRVE IT!!!!!!!!!

(Surreal moment happened in the lift of the publishers - When my Editor introduced me to a collegue, he mentioned my book, having READ it... And I STILL cant believe people have actually read my book. Still stumps me. What a strange, sureel, beautiful and weirdesque feeling...)

So, as well as Big Brother, summer is now over, so guess what...? Time to get that new book on paper...

okay, I'll do that as soon as;

I get the new computer.

My house guests have left.

I have finally finished editing this book...

Excuses, excuses.......

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Mike Davis said...

Hi there, I followed a link to you from another blog and felt great excitement, reading of your journey to publication.

I don't mind living vicariously for now, so I'll be back soon for an update. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll?

Good luck!