Friday, September 21

OHMIGOSH! This morning...

  • ... I found a GREY HAIR on my head!

    I am distraught!!!

    What does this mean?

    Before I could absorb what it all meant, I violently plucked out the offending hair (which i am now told wasn't the best move as 'now four will grow in it's place') and reeled in shock in front of the telly. A programme all full of 'young things' unable to grasp the reality that some day THEY WILL BE OLD TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, deep breath. Deep breath.

    So what does this now mean? Erm...;
    I am advancing in years, quicker than first imagined.

    I will have to start wearing shapeless flowery smocks and sensible shoes.

    I am soon to, really, in the true sense of the word, become an 'old girl'.

    I need to go now....

1 comment:

MissMeliss said...

Saw your link on Mike's blog. Had to check it out, as I'm finishing my first serious attempt at a novel (I write for a living, but not fiction), and was caught by your title.

As to the grey hair...we don't mention that color in my house, and dye is my friend.