Thursday, March 16

Hi all.

Well I finally plucked up the courage and phoned my agent a couple of days ago. She said the book fair and a home emergancy had taken up most of her time. She did say that after speaking to some Editors at the book fair, they told her 'saga's' are selling. hmmm... my book is 'sort of' a saga, right? Once she's read it all, she'll get back to me within the week. I'll see what she says then. At the moment, she says it has alot of potential but will need something to make it 'big'. Not sure what that means....
She told me to take this time to research other books. Not quite sure where to start...

Today I'm at home waiting for my new washing machine to be delivered after my old faithfull conked out on me! So i'm 'working from home' today and blogging for a few moments.
Tally Ho!

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