Saturday, March 18

I've created a whole new character!!!!!!!!!!!

What a lazy, hazy day!

I thought, let me go visit this person, that person (because when I'm not writing, I actually have time on my hands).
You know what I did? Went sraight back to bed and TRIED to sleep as I'd been feeling a lil' tired, thanks to a sleeping pill that just REFUSES to exit my system. Well, I dont know what happened (I THINK I drifted in and out of slumber) but I woke up and suddenly thought of a new character to add to my story. Yes, a WHOLE new character that will be introduced to my 'girls' as they embark on their school six weeks holiay (this part of the book is set when Six week holidays were in fact... six weeks!). She's going to be an interesting character that doesnt actually show up again, but does leave a lasting impression on my girls........ nuff said.

So I have just written a blurb for her and feel semi excited. Semi, because phisically, I'm still a lil' tired. Plus I've been invited to a party tonight by a work collegue and just dont wanna go - its so cold out there and me chest is playing up...... I know, I know, I sound older than my years, dont I?.
I once asked my Great Neice how old she thought I was (she was five at the time). With a straight face, glowing with pride, she answered "Ninety Two."
I think she had a point.

C ya!

Ps - who doesnt like dohnuts?

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