Saturday, June 10


Hi All!

3 days ago, I waited patiently in a long ass traffic jam on the way to Gatwick airport, frantically biting my nails, a common theme running through my schitzo mind ; 'This cant be happening to me again. No way. This cant be happening to me again. No way. No way, No waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I can't BE ABOUT TO MISS MY BLOODY FLIGHT, AGAIN
The road works went on forever. Building a poxy bridge. A BRIDGE??
I finally got to the airport, almost knocking a couple of people down on the way into Check In... heart beating a trillion beats a second. And with only a few minutes to spare, I think I made it! I wanted to vomit and faint as the sour faced airport personell scanned my documents. Even as I struggled to remove my laden with metal belt for the security scanners and it wouldnt budge, I knew I couldn't yet relax....
Smart move, because when w
e got to Cleveland for the connecting flight, more trouble lie ahead.... I answered the necessary questions, got my thumb scanned etc, all good, a little banter with the 'sweet' customs lady (she also had a gun). But as I looked for my friend - she's being interrergated by customs and what looks like a state trooper!!! And alas, the palpertations begin again and the paranoia sets in... we are going to be sent back to England. Or she is and I'll have to go with her because it's her family member we will be staying with....

The bored customs/troopers must have been waiting all year for passengers like us to pass through as they all seemed rather excited at the prospect of interrogating my friend. Perhpas the most excitement they'd had in yonks? Someone felf very powerful hat night , went home and gave their sposes a right seeing to, no doubt.
Running like ninnys to out connecting flight, we make it in time and step onto a 'plane' that resembled my fridge - so blimming small... LIKE THE WORLDS SMALLEST PLANE.
But when we get to Atlanta, I realise that plane is the smallest thing I will ever witness again in this country.

Big apartments, big pools, big cars, big people (sorry) big on politeness, big trees. Especially big are the portions. Of food. And as my jeans will now quite painfully tell you ... things are getting bigger and bigger.....

I'm like a spoit kid in a large toy store; "I'll have that and that and that.." HELP!!!!
Luckily, I have just returned from a 3 mile run/walk which will only go to justify a thorough gorging of a Brewsters ice cream cake/waffle/tofee sauce concoction.

And the restaurants.
Everything comes with Blue cheese, gravy and busicuits; EVERYTHING.
Back in England - i'm an organic eating, 1.5 litres of water a day living machine - here, I am a mere vessal for as much sweet things I can find - and there are plenty.
The weather is beautiful, hardly falls below 90 degrees, which is loverly as I stay in the subs which has loads of trees, so there is a slight breeze. Luvvin it!

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