Saturday, August 26

I've written 18,000 words

Hey I'm back. Summer seems to be over but I've written 18,000 words of my new novel.

At this stage, I wont say much,only that the main character is called Lois and she's sweet (ish) and it's comedy(ish). My sense of humour.

It's EXACTLY what I want to write. I love it so far. Doing loads of research because even though it's set in the recent past (last fifteen years) I could still get things wrong. So I'm on a small high as i try and fit in 101 dates in the meantime.


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Geena said...


I saw your blog in my referrals list and popped over - been rootling around your archives.

You're very go day someone will snap up your manuscript. At least you're trying...I keep starting and stopping and then leaving it for months.