Tuesday, May 1


So I got further confirmation THAT THIS IS ACTUALLY GOING AHEAD!!!!!!!

I'm about to become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!
I've waited almost eight years for this day. Since I was a sprightly 25 year old thinking she knew it all, that I'd get a deal within months of writing my first ever novel.
We all know what happened there... if not, start at the very beggining of this Blog.

Over the years, I'd told a few friends of my writing, whilst allowing some to think of it merely as a hobby.

It was never a hobby.

It was real to me.

And receiving aknowledgement fom a publisher was somthing I'd dreamt about (during work meetings, in bed, in front of the TV).

As you can see from this Blog there have been many a 'up and down' over the years.
But it has all brought me to today.

I'd just like to thank God for helping me to get here.
It's been long, but so necessary and so worth it.

It's now been a whole week since my agent phoned to tell me the publishers were ineterested and only last night did it really, I mean really sink in... when I saw the email from my Editor (ohmigosh, I now have an Editor) confirming things.


Friends say I am too calm, still, but trust me, my joy is in here (Elle points to chest) and it's real and all very lovely (I have been using this word alot).

Anyhows, time to go back to the day job... yes, I still have one, did you think I was JK Rowling or something??

Got home from work and my neighbour says; " I have something for you."
It was a bunch of flowers.
Delivered whilst I was at work.(From my publishers! How sweet!) welcoming me to the team....
My heart is racing and yes, I'm excited.......


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